About Us

The East Cleveland Neighborhood Center (ECNC) is a 501(c)(3) education enrichment center that promotes emotional wellness and decreases non-academic barriers through our self-efficacy, compassion, and evidence-based strategies. ECNC's mission is to 'Inspire Youth, Connect to the Future, representing the organization's commitment to helping children and youth grow up to economic opportunity and possessing skills to advocate for themselves and those in need. ECNC programs are based on the premise that all children can achieve. Since its inception in 1986, services have evolved from Out-of-School-time recreational activities to year-round in-school and after-school programs designed to incorporate evidence-based curricula that enhance social-emotional learning and skills that correlate to academic achievement, civic engagement, and healthy lifestyles. ECNC employs experienced, professional staff who appreciate and understand the population's social-economic determinants and cultural heritage. ECNC has relationships with schools and community agencies that provide opportunities for cross-sector coordination to address holistic needs and leverage community assets to help children and families achieve personal strengths and skills that lead to improved quality of life.

ECNC History

  • The idea of the East Cleveland Neighborhood Center was developed in 1982 when parishioners of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church recognized the need for supervised and meaningful activities during the summer for children in the city and beyond.
  • From the start, programming has included tutoring, arts and crafts, music, games, and other physical activities.
  • The summer program has always employed teens from East Cleveland as assistants to provide additional support for the younger children enrolled in the program.
  • ECNC was incorporated in September 1986. By January 1989, the Board hired its first Executive Director.